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It starts & ends with a little magic


Meritt clothing label was founded with a little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of good old fashioned hard work. Meritt was created with a certain girl in mind - the girl we all aspire to be and the one who already lives within each of us. Meritt sought to make clothes that every girl could don with complete confidence.

When we launched in 2015, we focused on making clothes that went beyond buzz words like “trendy” or “classic” and just focused on making clothes we’d want to wear. We design and produce every garment right here in the gorgeous U.S.A! We pride ourselves on quality and tend to treat our clothes a bit more like precious artwork than a stylish collection of tops, tunics, and dresses. We prioritize ultra-flattering fits & innovative design at the top of our list.

With each new collection we find more ladies who love our pieces just as much as we do! We call these women Meritt Babes! A #MerittBabe is as fun as she is fearless. She’s stylish to her core and takes life on with rose colored glasses and a little champagne in her hands.

XOX Meritt Clothing Label

Made in the gorgeous u.s.a
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